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The latest book from Rose Gordy is out: "Dream Poetry in Flow: Windows Into Awareness." Click here to learn more.

Rose Gordy was interviewed on Lifetime TV about her book "Unsettled Lives." To watch the video, click here or go to the Video page.

The Green That Never Died

A Convent Memoir of the 50's and 60's

by Rose Gordy

This book follows one woman’s journey in becoming a nun and finding herself. After entering the convent at age 18, Rose Gordy grew up within the confines of the Roman Catholic Church and the dictates of the Holy Order. While the world was undergoing radical transformation in the 1960’s, she was effectively sequestered and remained innocent of the sins of a tempestuous America. But revolutionary events, from JFK’s demise to the Moon Landings, nevertheless broke through the veil and exposed her to the outside awakening.

Read chapters such as "The Sacred Vow of Chastity," "The Winter of My Final Depression," "Burning the Remnants of My Past," "The Secret Behind the Green Door," "Finding the Humor in It All," "Fundraisers and Dancing on the Sly" and "Repression of Our Female Selves."

The convent culture changed so slowly that is was like traveling back in time... Through a series of lost letters, profound dreams, insightful poems and key memories, learn how Rose Gordy kept the core of her being green and fertile until one fateful day she decided to rejoin the "World, the Flesh and the Devil."

411 pages with 44+ photos and 70+ poems

ISBN-13:  978-1478356301

(Exclusive Video - Book Trailer) 

The Green That Never Died

I received your package, tore it open and immediately became absorbed in reading your thoughtful, creative, evocative poems. Thank you so much. It's strange but I hear your voice when I read them -- as though you are there reading them aloud to me...

Constance R. Garrett


It has been for Rose Gordy an unsettled life and in spite of all the changes and challenges she's continued to do what she loves most... to write.

Kristy Villa, host of Lifetime TV show

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