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Find "Dream Poetry In Flow" here. Looking for "They Traveled West," then Click Here. Rose Gordy's books are available on Amazon.

The Green That Never Died

An autobiography

ISBN-13:  978-1478356301


This book follows one woman’s journey in becoming a nun and finding herself. After entering the convent at age 18, Rose Gordy grew up within the confines of the Roman Catholic Church and the dictates of the Holy Order. While the world was undergoing radical transformation in the 1960’s, she was effectively sequestered and remained innocent of the sins of a tempestuous America. But revolutionary events, from JFK’s demise to the Moon Landings, nevertheless broke through the veil and exposed her to the outside awakening.


Read chapters such as "The Sacred Vow of Chastity," "The Winter of My Final Depression," "Burning the Remnants of My Past," "The Secret Behind the Green Door," "Finding the Humor in It All," "Fundraisers and Dancing on the Sly" and "The Sisters Who Abused Me."


The convent culture changed so slowly that is was like traveling back in time... Through a series of lost letters, profound dreams, insightful poems and key memories, learn how Rose Gordy kept the core of her being green and fertile until one fateful day she decided to rejoin the "World, the Flesh and the Devil."


411 pages with 44+ photos and 70+ poems

A Convent Memoir of the 50's and 60's

The Waltz of Choice

The Inexplicable Dance of Free Will

A collection of short stories and poems

ISBN-13:  978-1070461533


The question or concept of free will has been confounding the minds of philosophers for eons. This collection of short stories and poems is a voyage in between the daydreams of the “what ifs” and the fantasies of the “could’ve beens” which many of us tangle with.


Find and enjoy such stories as “Beyond the Fog,” “The Goodbye Waltz,” “A House of Respite and Welcome” and “A Final Roller Coaster Ride.” Within these pages there are many questions that modern life confronts us with. Do you dare delve?
70+ poems and 17 original stories on 260+ pages

Dream Poetry In Flow

Dream Poetry in Flow

Windows Into Awareness

Dive into the Depths of the Human Mind

ISBN-13:  978-1974007240


A collection of poetry bound together by the profound human experience of dreams. Whether daydreams, nightmares, waking dreams, lucid dreams or night adventures, this book explores the realizations and inherent curiosity they inspire. 
These poems will surge and flow around you... with titles such as “Straddling Two Worlds,” “My Grand Circle of Beginning,” “Flow With the Positive,” “A Thank You Across the Years,” “Sleeping on the Questions,” “The Guiding Grace of Dreams,” and “Speak to Me Tonight.” 
Whether flight of fantasy, freelance musing or full-on dreamtime episode, this book investigates the many facets of human imagination. Reexamine your life experiences through a new lens: from questions about career, finances, love life, to the thousands of decisions everyone makes every day… Get ready to don a fresh pair of glasses and gaze upon the world anew. 
144 poems and 45+ original photographs on 340+ pages

ISBN-13:  978-1541381674


Journey across the World on a Quilt of Gratitude Poems chronicling a quintessential American Dream come true. Witness four immigrants arriving at Ellis Island over a hundred years ago and grasping every opportunity they could find. Leaving the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 1800’s, these young adults created a new life for themselves in the industrial region of Pittsburgh. Cry with them as they cope with multiple miscarriages, the Great Depression and the Ultimate Price.
As their families grew and grew, read how they persevered through wrenching failures and struggled to make a better life for their children. The unexpected crises and violent encounters all help weave a narrative of winning against all the odds. Learn how they kept their dreams alive and never rose the white flag.

Poems such as: Leaving Home and Letting Go, The Daughter Not on the Portrait, My Dad-to-Be’s Poetic Letters, The Gliders of Heaven, A Married Nun and Mother, and A Final Kiss. They all inherently address life's vexing questions of love and loss and learning.


240 pages with 20 photos and 100+ poems

A Series Of Poems As A Tribute And Testament To Those Who Came Before

A meta-biographical series of poems

They Traveled West

They Traveled West
Adrift in Waking Dreams

A novel

ISBN-13: 978-1499236354


"Adrift in Waking Dreams" involves a woman who, although attractive, was an insecure victim of angst. Still this woman, Laura, determined it was imperative to delve into her dreams. She had to find out why her night visions were so compelling, bothersome and somehow invigorating. But then Ryan, a man of the road, was waylaid in town after an earthquake and her life got switched on. Their animal magnetism was palpable yet painfully unspoken. With her sex life ultimately activated, Laura's dreams only intensified, including her newly discovered "waking dreams."

(Waking Dream: A notable experience which a person has while awake that has qualities of a sleeping dream. The dreamer may realize that what happened is of consequence and potentially instructive in his or her search for meaning in life.)

Until a thrilling "waking nightmare" tragedy reared its head and brought them hand in hand, the lovebirds almost shattered each other's hearts. But will her "hush-hush" past hinder their budding intimacy? Furthermore, will the ominous other men in Laura’s life sit idly by without voicing their melodramatic desires? Unlikely. And who was that strange girl in her dreams? The one who she always tries to save from the wrath of the waves. Could it be the daughter she tragically left behind? The dreams that make her cry are the most beautiful.

Stairs to the Attic

Expanded Second Edition


ISBN-13: 978-1466226265

Stairs to the Attic is a collection of poetry down to earth yet otherworldly, a book which instinctually eschews the conventional. Amidst the hundreds of little adventures within these pages, readers will no doubt find themselves transported to places and feelings familiar and fantastic. One could watch TV but nothing captures an experience like the timeless rhythmical synergy of song & speech which we call Poetry.

The poem which gives this book its title, Stairs to the Attic, paints a picture of youth restrained but always one step away from the truth. Will a group of former nuns find out the secret their convent held from them? What could possibly happen when these liberated women return decades later full of latent curiosity? Other poems delve into the dreamscape, the synchronistic, the blood bonds, the shadow memories, the earthiness, the maternal instincts, the harkening forward and the eyeful.


With 42 original photographs and 150+ poems this unexpected book will break the proverbial mold.

A Collection of Poems
Unsettled Lives

As Featured on Lifetime TV

ISBN-13: 978-1456420093

Unsettled Lives is a collection of short stories, is a book which explores the roads of momentous decisions and adversity while treading in the realm of unforeseen conundrums and proverbial forks in the road. Women and men who search for the unattainable, protagonists who challenge the status quo, victims who play their part so well, all dance together in the grand spectacle of life.


Throughout 21 short "unsettled" stories, numerous situations of emotional and social consequence will be offered to the reader. In "Lila, The Love of His Lonely Life," will Charles ever come to grips with his ephemeral obsession? What is Sister Alberta in "Masquerades" aiming to discover by ingenious cloak-and-dagger operations? Furthermore, what could the doctor In "Joy's Esperanza" tell open-minded Joy that would send her into serious self-doubt? So please hold on for an exceptional psychological trip into the various lives within "Unsettled Lives" ... and don't forget to choose the right door in your own.

A Collection of Stories
The Ladies Baltimore
Mothers and Daughters Alone and Together

A novel

ISBN-13: 978-1456311308

In The Ladies Baltimore: Mothers and Daughters Alone and Together, an aged nun, a depressed waitress, and a lively teenage girl cross paths on a luncheon cruise in the Baltimore Harbor. Each woman will have a succession of unexpected and unique experiences related to mothers and daughters and to the various men in their lives.


Spanning eight decades, the story organically unwinds in non-linear fashion as does life. But will these ladies' emotional resistance to the unknown lead them to destroy their vital links to the past? Or will they, through a cascading series of apparently chance encounters and fateful incidences around Baltimore, finally realize how they are profoundly connected? Perhaps time will tell if their lives are sublime results of synchronicity or merely chance encounters.

Into the Green Unknown
And Other Science Fiction Stories

Second Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1456528904

Into the Green Unknown is a collection of 22 science fiction stories. Years in the making, these astounding adventures range from everyday events turned bizarre, to fantastic realms under Earth's oceans, to incredible worlds beyond human perception. Stories such as "The Announcement," "Living Waters At Lucia," and "The Man From Somewhere Else" take readers to strange places they can't possibly journey. Or can they...?


In "Subterfuge," will Madame President be able to protect L.A. from take over by mind-controlling visitors? In "Lost Tides," can two nervous parents protect their children from a celestial disaster and its ramifications? In "The Genetic Casino," will the abducted Ronatta want to discover how she was chosen or remain ignorant and blissful? At the frenetic pace modern science is progressing these tales may be science fact by the time you cast an eye over them. That is, if they have not already transpired. So join us for a jaunt on the Earth, in the Earth, in the Clouds, and among the Stars.

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