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Book Video Trailers and Special Promos

Scroll down to discover more videos. All these videos and more are available on the Rosewords YouTube Channel.
Rose's surprise interview about new book "The Green That Never Died"

"The Green That Never Died" is a book which explores the dramatic world of the 1960's Convent in America. At once sheltered and exploited, the nuns of the 60's came to embody the strength of the Human Spirit and helped transform the Church into a new era. Due for release in 2015, please stay tuned for more sneak peeks and video previews.

Adrift in Waking Dreams
(Exclusive Book Preview) 

This special preview for "Adrift in Waking Dreams" is a novel about the little moments in everyday life that can morph into life-changing events. Through the lens of "waking dreams," the protagonist will begin to envision her life's trajectory beyond the typical confines of career and material wealth. Yet will the characters from her past return to fulfill the fateful tragedy she feared most?

Stairs to the Attic
(Exclusive Book Preview) 

This special trailer for "Stairs to the Attic" is a journey into what is possible through poetic license and social awareness. It is a teaser for the significant thematic elements of the book including the power of choice, circles of awareness, and our common human suffering and joys, Filled with 42 original photographs and over 150 poems.

"Unsettled Lives - A Collection of Short Stories" is a wide-ranging compilation of 21 tales delving into the unstrung lives and rattled experiences of modern society.

Will the various protagonists choose the virtuous path that they try so hard not to travel? Yes, they may eventually find their way... but all too often they shall otherwise stumble into unexpected and unique journeys we call the "Human Experience." 

Unsettled Lives
(Exclusive Book Trailer) 
Lifetime TV interview of Rose Gordy
(June 2011)   

On June 24th, Rose Gordy was interviewed on Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act" to talk about her dramatic life and her new book "Unsettled Lives - A Collection of Short Stories,"


After the economy crashed in 2008, many people lost their homes and nest eggs, but worst of all they were left with unsettled lives and uncertainty. With the economic crisis ongoing, people are searching for solace, resolution and a new acceptable normal.

Lifetime Interview
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